Dane Slater Tells the Public What He Thinks of Opinions Different from His Own:

Dane Slater says how he feels about others' opinions in front of some of his former fellow Troy police officers.  The occasion is a Troy City Council meeting on July 11, 2011, where various speakers have just expressed their views on the new property tax Council is demanding in three weeks or they will close the library:
Crap Video
The public's right to speak and present supporting OR alternative views at city council meetings is protected by the U. S. Constitution, the Michigan Constitution, and Michigan State Law - the Open Meetings Act. But of course Dane Slater will do his best to ignore these laws when it suits him, just as he attempted to ignore state law on the Mayor's election date until Michigan's Attorney General sued our city to force the election.  
For any skeptics viewing this, a link to the original of this Troy City Council video may be found at the Troy City Council Web site.  Use the link below or find the council archives, go to the links for July 11, 2011, click on video number two of the videos for that evening, and then advance to eight minutes in the video to find this segment:  http://www.troymi.gov/Government/CityCouncil/Meetings/Archive.aspx