Why Would Anyone Vote for Dane Slater

for Troy Mayor?

Some Facts You Should Know:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013: 
Dane Slater wins 6,393 votes to Knollenberg's 5,820 votes. Read the Detroit Free Press story here.
Friday, May 3 Breaking News: 
Troy Mayor Dane Slater's reckless government-knows-best record has once again found the city of Troy on the wrong side of the law regarding the Troy Transit Center (Bus/Train Station). One of the reasons former Mayor Janice Daniels voted no on the big government boondoggle was because Troy did not have clear title on the property. Slater and his cronies did not care and moved ahead with construction on what now turns out to be someone else's land. Once again, Dane Slater has been shown to violate the law as he pushes a liberal, big government agenda. On Tuesday, May 7th., reject Dane Slater and his horrible record of putting Troy taxpayers on the line for his illegal and reckless decisions. Stop Slater. Do it May 7th.(Click here to read confirmation of this report in Crain's Detroit.) (Click here to read coverage of this story now on the Detroit Free Press web site also.)

(Mid-April) Breaking news: 
Temporary appointed mayor Dane Slater and Troy are named in a freedom of speech and Open Meetings Act law suit filed by Troy resident Charlene Femminineo.  Femminineo tried to speak at several council meetings in November and December, only to be cut off at the microphone by temporary appointed mayor Slater.  Now it comes to light that Femminineo was trying to speak about the $40,000 of taxpayer cash that has been missing at the Troy Police Department since Slater retired in 2009. No wonder he wants to shut her up!  Click here to read details of the story.

Dane Slater's record speaks for just who he is:
July 11, 2011:  Dane Slater tells Troy that anyone who expresses a view different from his is just full of "Crap!" (Click here for the video!)

November and December, 2012:  Dane Slater insists he will be Mayor forever - well, at least 'til November 2013 - without an election - no matter WHAT the Michigan Attorney General says! And he'll spend every last dollar Troy's taxpayers have to make it stick, if that's what it takes. Michigan's Attorney General finally takes our city to court on December 12, 2012, to force an election for Mayor! (Click here for the video) 
November 2012:  Dane Slater uses a union-taught parlor trick to dupe his fellow city council members into picking him for their appointment as temporary mayor - shame on him, shame on them.  Slater has been the "illegitimate" mayor of Troy since February 26, when the Michigan state law-mandated election for Troy's Mayor legally would have occurred but for the City Attorney's failure to properly perform her job. (see video of November 12, 2012 Troy City Council meeting - mayor appointment discussion starts here at about 39 minutes into the video) and continues on another video (resuming here and running through about 41 minutes!)

July, 2011:  Dane Slater tells Troy that he represents Troy's Police Department on City Council. (see video of Troy City Council meeting - July, 2011)

November 2009 thru present:  Dane Slater votes FOR every tax increase proposal that comes before City Council. (see Troy City Council meeting minutes here)

2010 - 2011:  Dane Slater votes to close Troy's Library if voters fail to pass a $3 million per year tax increase, and says Troy otherwise will run out of money.  The audited 2011-2012 budget results later prove that Troy finished the year with a $6 million surplus!  In early 2013 city council preliminary budget discussions and during his campaign, Slater indicates he is now making plans to raise taxes AND keep on collecting the $3 million per year special library tax and spend it on his Police Department and other city government cronies rather than return it to the taxpayers.
Since 2008 and for the rest of his life:  Dane Slater has been telling voters as part of his campaign that he will represent Troy's city employees. Dane Slater receives a Troy taxpayer-paid pension variously reported to be $120,000, $109,000 or $123,000 per year. And as Mayor he'll keep on voting for it every year no matter what the Troy City Charter says about conflict-of-interest! (Troy Command Police Officers Pension Plan details to be added - was this pension's fat benefit formula ever approved by City Council?)  Click pensions2009 for cost data on 2009 retirements by Troy fire and/or police officers of captain or higher rank (Slater is presumed to be one of these), and click pensions for cost data on all retirements since 2008 by Troy officers of captain or higher rank - reach your own conclusions about how extraordinarily generious we taxpayers are!  Note that we have absolutely no quarrel with the great service these and other officers have provided our community; we do however question the amount of these benefits.  Taxpayers working for any non-government employer can not expect pensions of even half these amounts.

March, 2013:  An internet search reveals that Dane Slater owns a mansion on a golf course in Harbor Springs, an exclusive northern Michigan resort community where most Troy taxpayers cannot even afford to stop and have lunch!  One source, the "MyLife" web site, refers to Slater as a resident in this community as follows:  "Dane Michael Slater was born in 1951.  Dane currently lives in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Before that, Dane lived in Troy, MI from 1992 to 2012 . . ."

And anyone who wants to look as far back as 2008 can certainly find another $40,000 more reasons to explain why Slater is just the wrong choice for Troy's Mayor. (read information from Oakland County Sheriff's Investigation obtained through a F.O.I.A. request here)

Is there any doubt in any voter/taxpayer's mind why Troy's police and fire unions have endorsed their man for the Mayor job?  Does any thinking Troy resident really want to live in a POLICE STATE? Can any city property tax payer afford to have this man remain in office?
Click here to read the material received in response to a FOIA request re. the investigation of $40,000 cash missing from the Troy Police Department in 2009. We believe that the last two pages are censored notes from the Oakland County Sheriff's investigation.